Patricia van de Camp


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Artist statement

Reality doesn’t always present itself the way it really is.
Patricia explores the relativity of reality and of beauty in particular. There’s a classical view on beauty that one cannot add anything to it nor take away from it and not make things worse.

patricia van de Camp She explores this notion through her photography. What happens if you leave out or add elements?
Patricia photographs a stuffed hare in a landscape with moonlight or makes portraits which she digitally cuts into pieces and then
re-assembles them in a totally different way.
In this manner she removes beauty from reality and creates a new beauty with her images.

In her search Patricia explores the boundaries, asking herself time and again how far she can wander from the classical notion of beauty without overshooting the mark.
Without it becoming gaudy or forced and still retaining the power of the story.
Her images could not have been realized without her wide knowledge of photography and graphic design.
Had she not been inspired by philosophy and psychology her search would have stranded in a never-ending labyrinth.
Her photos introduce people to a reality with a different notion of beauty.