Patricia van de Camp


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Artist statement

Patricia van de Camp (1969) makes sets of photographs whereby each photo can stand on its own
and hold its own ground rather like an archipelago.
The interaction between the images still prevails and offers a deeper understanding of their meaning.
Her series' show a kind of human abandonment ever-fed by a form of hope.
Almost every image shown by her, harbours an addition derived from outside.

patricia van de Camp We are on our own because we know there are others.
'The other' is always present in her photos of situations which seem to dissolve in themselves, whether she photographs people or not.
The impossibillity of a situation provides the possibillity of approaching the same situation differently. This requires one to step outside oneself in order to be able to approach things differently.
Her photos show that this effort does not come lightly. However well you know yourself, when you observe yourself you still look at a strange body.
This "Fremdkörper" shows its vulnerabillity in her photos. At first you don't even see it and suddenly it's there.

Within the image a different image surfaces.
Therein Patricia van de Camp questions human identity and her place in the world.
That is truly existential, but she grasps it from the light as it were, or lets it fly away like a tent
on the beach which was unexpectedly taken by the wind and, like a kite, forms a dark blue cloud
above the horizon.

Alex de Vries

translation: Els Dekker